LAL (Latinos Apoyando Latinos) Monthly Meeting

LAL meetings address the needs for increased awareness and access to community resources as well as create a better-coordinated community response. The LAL meeting is a monthly networking event for social service providers working with the Latino community and/or domestic violence.  The monthly meeting provides the opportunity for social service providers to learn more about each other’s agencies, available services, and materials, and increase victim’s access to these community resources.  In addition, the networking meeting also provides opportunities to foster community partnerships between agencies, enabling them to be more effective and strategic in addressing the complex problem of Domestic Violence while also making best use of limited resources.  While the monthly meeting was originally geared towards women working in the domestic violence arena, the monthly event has evolved into a meeting open to anybody working with Latinos and/or domestic violence.

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Virginia Latino Survivor Committee

This committee is conformed by Spanish-speaking survivors of crimes, with the purpose of sharing experiences of being victims of crimes and our journeys to become survivors.


We want that the system knows what was most helpful, what we needed and did not get.

We want to get ready to advocate for other victims

We want to create a network that support us while we become advocates


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Virginia Injury Compensation Fund

Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Richmond Office of Multicultural Affairs

Virginia Hispanic Foundation

LIBRE Initiative

VCU I-Can Project

Virginia Victim Network

Hopewell Victims Witnesses Programs

Latinos en Richmond LLC

Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment, LLC

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VA Dept of Criminal Justice Services 20-A4716VP18VA

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