Partners Program

The Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center Partners is a free program designed to increase access to services for Spanish-speaking victims of violence by providing support to monolingual English-speaking service providers.  We know how difficult it can be for monolingual English-speaking advocates to provide services to Spanish-speaking victims, and at the same time navigate language and cultural barriers. 

We want to be a resource for your organization, especially now that many organizations are working on updating their Language Access Plans. While many organizations utilize language line services where they have a set amount of minutes per month, after that allotment runs out, they are charged a per-minute or pay-as-you-go, which can run between $1.50 to $3 per minute. That could become very expensive, and it does not help with the cultural barriers that are always present. On the other hand, our helpline is free and can help you to reduce the cost of interpretation services for Spanish speakers. 

What Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center offers to you is a partnership where your advocates provide the knowledge and connections that they have in your service area and our advocates bring their ability to speak Spanish and to provide that cultural

knowledge that helps build trust with the client. Together, we can provide better services to Spanish-speaking victims and be able to help those victims connect with services that will help them to become safer, healthier, and self-sufficient.

Becoming a Partner is free and easy. If interested, please email  All organizations must complete a brief free training to be a Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center Partner.

Our Partners and Sponsors:

Virginia Injury Compensation Fund

Virginia Criminal Justice Services-Victims of Crime Act

Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Richmond Office of Multicultural Affairs

Virginia Hispanic Foundation

LIBRE Initiative

VCU I-Can Project

Virginia Victim Network

Hopewell Victims Witnesses Programs

Latinos en Richmond LLC

Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment, LLC

Latino Advocate Program

Many Bilingual community advocates work in organizations where there is only one person on staff who speaks Spanish. This can cause the advocate to feel isolated or feel like they don't have other colleagues or peers to share and process their experiences with. Because Virginia has a shortage of advocates who speak Spanish and truly understand Latino culture, it is necessary that we get to know each other and unite. This way, we can create a better, coordinated response to help Spanish speakers in our community who are affected by domestic or sexual violence.

As a response, Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center has created the group "Latino Advocates VA". We invite bilingual victim advocates who serve Spanish-speakers in Virginia to participate in this initiative. In this group, we share tools, resources, and information in Spanish so that we can collaborate and provide support, as Latinos, to each other.

If you are interested in joining this group, please send an email to

Para obtener más información sobre como asociarte con nosotros  y/o oportunidades  para patrocinar nuestra agencia,

por favor envíe un correo electrónico a

Este proyecto es apoyado por:
VA Dept of Criminal Justice Services 20-A4716VP18
VA Dept of Social Services CVS-19-057-A