The LIVE Center is Virginia’s first and only agency that provides culturally specific advocacy for Hispanic/Latino families affected by violence and injustice that can guarantee its services are always delivered by bilingual, and bicultural trained advocates. We currently provide the following Free and Confidential Services:


La Linea de Ayuda is a helpline (804-592-0704) operated Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM by bilingual and bicultural volunteers trained as victim advocates to receive calls from individuals seeking safety, information and support.

Our confidential bilingual and bicultural helpline is the only one of its kind in Virginia that can guarantee that our lines are always answered by a person that speaks Spanish. Victims that call our helpline work with our advocates to develop safety plans, access culturally relevant services and increase their social support networks.

Our referral process is not just to provide phone numbers for a victim to make their own calls; we also make the calls with the victim to ensure that they can break the language barrier and provide explanations on how the system works if the caller is having a hard time understanding due to cultural difference.


Voluntario Latino Program is a volunteer program that organizes and trains bilingual and bicultural Spanish speakers from the community who are committed to taking actions that support the LIVE Center’s mission. This program is a vital part of our work and has been the driving force that has made the delivery of services possible for the last 10 years. Volunteers are trained to utilize the evidence-based curricula "Líderes and promotoras/promotores" created by Casa Esperanza and the Virginia Domestic and Sexual Violence Action Alliance Volunteer Manual.

Our highly trained volunteers are able to:

  • Support victims who call La Linea de Ayuda.

  • Lead and implement community action projects that reflect important topics for Spanish-speaking victims and their families in Virginia.

  • Connect and access resources to help victims.

  • Participate in outreach and education activities.

This program is conducted in Spanish to ensure that the Spanish proficiency of our volunteers is in accordance with the population that we serve and to ensure that we are forming advocates at different levels of acculturization who can bring to the table different perspectives within Latino/Hispanic Community.